TCJRNM Sanshin no Kata (warm-up drill video)

I just uploaded a new video on YouTube, please check it out, give comments and ratings :-).

This is from the forth coming Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki DVD coming sometime this summer. I’m not sure if exactly this segment will be on the DVD (it is a little too long I think?), I will decide this later when I have all the material filmed and edited.

TCJRNM Sanshin no Kata (warm-up drill)


Bujinkan.ME News #39 (New Year, new DVD at Budo Shop)

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!
(Happy new year!)

This year is Heisei 21 and 牛年 ushi-doshi, the year of the buffalo, cow or ox in the zodiac calendar and the element of earth. Buddha invited the animals to participate in a race. The prize was a coveted position on the Chinese Zodiac calendar. The first 12 animals to cross the river would appear on the Chinese Zodiac calendar in the order in which they completed the race …. the rat used his brain rather than his brawn. It hitched a ride on what it perceived was the mightiest swimmer. Just before the buffalo reached the shore, the rat jumped off the buffalo’s back and crossed the finish line before the buffalo, putting the rat in first place, and the buffalo the second place, followed by the tiger…

The cow is is also associated with the deity 虛空藏菩薩 Kōkūzō Bosatsu (Ākāśagarbha in Sanskrit). Kokuzo (also written Kokuuzou, Kokuuzoo) symbolizes the “vast and boundless” Buddha wisdom that permeates the universe. Believers pray to Kokuzo to grant them wisdom on their quest toward enlightenment. People also pray to Kokuzo to improve their memory, technical skills, and artistic talents, for Kokuzo is revered not only as the deity of wisdom, but as a protector of craftspeople and artisans.

About this years Bujinkan theme… I don’t know so much other than what has been stated on websites (here, here, here and here), apparently there is no particular theme for techniques concerned (the philosophy you can read on the links above). However I heard there will be more sword as this is a thing we in general need to practice more, sword is also my favourite weapon :-).

I will be off to Japan tomorrow, and will probably make a few blog posts on my web site… about the trainings and stuff.


Web Site Updates

I’ve been working on a a new seminar list, completely new code. I’d like to call it Bujinkan Seminar List v2.0 beta, check it out (webmasters check the page source).

I also set up two new rss feeds. I’d like to keep updated with everything new so I merged all kinds of blogs and forums I’d like to keep an eye on in one single feed. There is two different ones, first one is in English, the second one is in Swedish.


Hankyou 2008 – Christmas seminar DVD

Christmas seminar 2008
Instructors: Paul Waserbrot, Mats Hjelm, Steven Helling, Daniel Bodin, Fredrik Markgren, Arvid Karlsson, Jens Lindstrand, Richard Maier, William Ustav

Theme: Reflections of this years Bujinkan theme, Togakure-ryu ninpo taijutsu

Many instructors from Sweden went to Japan to train with Hatsumi Soke and the Shihan. Many of these instructors came to share their knowledge and feelings from their training trips.

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden December 2008

Format: DVD/R- which plays on all computers using and ordinary DVDRom. It also plays on most DVD players (check your manual!).

100 Minutes playing time top quality, available in NTSC only.

Language: The instructions is in Swedish!

Click here if you want to buy it!

I will be away for training in Japan and back January 20’th when I will be able to ship all orders right away.


Upcoming seminars

International Bujinkan TAIKAI 2009

2009-01-16/2009-01-18 – Helsinki, Finland
Shihan Moti Nativ Seminar, with Shihan Moti Nativ
For more information (price & schedule) please contact More info…

2009-01-24/2009-01-25 – Stockholm, Sweden
Seminar with Sheila Haddad, with Sheila Haddad & Thomas Franzén
Bujinkan To Nan Dojo invites you to a Sheila Haddad Seminar 2009! Sheila returns once again to give one of her popular seminars with focus on women in Budo. Men are of cource welcome to train as well. Most welcome. More info…

2009-02-07/2009-02-08 – Stockholm, Sweden
Keiko seminar intro to this years theme, with Mats Hjelm
Introduction to this years theme. Mats is planning his annual January trip this year also. More info…

2009-03-14/2009-03-15 – Stockholm, Sweden
Keiko seminar with Holger Kunzmann, with Holger Kunzmann, Shihan
Shihan Holger Kunzmann from Germany will be in Japan during February, after this trip he will come here to share what was being taught there. More info…

2009-03-20/2009-03-22 – Helsinki, Finland
Shihan Arnaud Couserque seminar, with Shihan Arnaud Couserque
For more information (price & schedule) please contact More info…

2009-04-18/2009-04-19 – Stockholm, Sweden
Seminar with Pedro Fleitas, with Pedro Fleitas
Bujinkan To Nan Dojo invite you all to a great happening. Pedro Fleitas will be giving a seminar in Stockholm, Sweden. Mostly welcome. More info…

2009-04-18/2009-04-19 – Szeged, Hungary
Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Chuden kata), with Mats Hjelm
Chuden kata techniques from the schools of Bujinkan. For more info see the web site More info…

2009-05-01/2009-05-03 – Stockholm, Sweden
International Bujinkan TAIKAI 2009 (Kaigousuru), with Many instructors from the whole world
To date the following instructors is coming… Duncan Stewart, Shihan (Japan). Juan Manuel Serrano, Shihan (Spain). Lauri Jokinen, Shihan (Finland). Mariette vd Vliet, Shihan (Holland). Mats Hjelm, Shihan (Sweden). Morten B. Østenstad, Shihan (Norway). See the web site for latest info! More info…

new DVD title, Hankyo 2007 + pre order Iaito

28'' Stainless steel iaito
Stainless steel 28” iaito Stainless steel 28” iaito Stainless steel 28” iaito Stainless steel 28” iaito

28″ Stainless Steel Iaito, mirror polish. Total length including blade and handle is 102 cm, the weight is 1087 gr. If anyone is interested in pre ordering this sword, please contact us!
Also, we have only one Togakure-ryu Shinken in stock, if you have other requests please contact us!

The Hankyou 2007 DVD is ready to be ordered, sorry for taking such a long time! I will start shipping the pre orders today, if you don’t get it please contact me!

We still have a limited stock of indoor Tabi from size 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29. Some of the T-shirt sizes are sold out at the moment. Please let me know if there is any interest for sold out sizes so that I know if it is worth ordering more T-shirts. I haven’t got any indication that these t-shirts are popular, I’m stuck with some sizes and want to get rid of at least half of them before I make a new order.

Hankyou 2007
Christmas seminar (Hankyou 2007)
Many instructors from Sweden went to Japan to train with Hatsumi Soke and the Shihan. Many of these instructors came to share their knowledge and feelings from their training trips.

Instructors: Mats Hjelm, Christian Spicker, Petter Swedin, Daniel Åberg, Daniel Neiberg

Note: All instructions is in Swedish!

DVD, 91 minutes, only 239 SEK ($34 / 29 €)

Order now click here

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