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What good is your martial arts skills against a government tyranny?

If you don’t understand this, I question your whole reason for training martial arts! We are supposed to be role models and smarter than common people, at least that is what we are telling each other with varying confidence. Most people in Bujinkan seems to be caught up is some kind of romanticised imagination of being some kind of ninja warrior, far from today’s reality. It is fun dreaming away fighting with swords and shurikens. We talk about defending against what can not be seen, but have you even thought about what that means?

I don’t like to bring in politics and religion into training because we are all free to believe what we want. But when the politics stray from democracy and becomes tyranny I have to speak up against it. It is easy to see what is happening in USA with all these crazy events. I’m not talking about the two brothers bombing the Boston marathon, I’m talking about the media blowing things out of proportion scaring people and 9000 police army closing a whole town busting into innocent people’s homes taking away their constitutional rights. At the press conference the police say that we should not look at any other pictures than those they approved, telling us to only trust them. Now media is criticising themselves for jumping into conclusions and imply that in the future they will stick only to the official story without questioning. To me that is a strong sign on tyranny taking over.

You must understand that there is a lot of money to be made keeping people scared, just follow the money and you will understand.

And now we got CISPA coming, Obama said he will veto it, we’ll he said that about NDAA (indefinite jail without court or jury!) to and then signed it anyway New Year’s Eve 2011/12 in “secrecy”…


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