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矛盾 budo is not logic

We where training on a basic blocking technique in kenjutsu yesterday when the teacher pointed out that we should not overdo the block or try to move to soon. Because if the opponent know this and make faint and attack in the opening you just gave him. Or he might give the impression of feinting and attack where he showed he was attacking, this feinting a feint.

There is no logic in budo. If you think in logic terms you won’t get it. But there is of course logic involved, but it is not logic. It is what Japanese call mujun (contradiction). Let’s look at the kanji for mujun because it is interesting…

矛盾 MUJUN means contradiction. The first kanji is HOKO which is the Chinese long-handled spear. And the second character is TATE and means shield. We use the same kanji in “Tate ni suru”.
The shield maker say that his shield will withstand all spears. The spear maker says that his spear will penetrate all shields. This is not logic it is a contradiction.

The same thing is applied in budo. And I belive this is why Soke stresses the importance of feeling not the technique.

On the flight over here I watched the movie Kung Fu Panda. When the panda received the secret dragon scroll, he first didn’t understood it, then he did and became invincible. There is no way to teach high level budo, Soke says this often. If it would be that easy for a teacher to teach you the arts highest level, then it would be a low level budo in my opinion. What the panda read on his dragon scroll made him realize the truth. But if it was that easy and it would work for most people, then think again… mujun!

Also look up the kanji for “jikomujun” and “mujungoho”. They are also interesting. Please feel free to post comments.

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