Training with me at Kaigōzan Dōjō

I run the Kaigōzan Dōjō at Albygatan 117 in Sundbyberg and have classes weekly. See the Kaigōzan Dōjō web site for more information. The training is always open for beginners and advanced, 15 years or older.

– Tuesdays 19:30-21:00
– Thursday 19:30-21:00

Extra training; if there is at least 5 people that want extra training, contact me and we set up a time.

I have taught all around the world, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Holland and Australia. I’d love to travel and teach more. If anyone is interested organising something, contact me for details below.

My last seminar was is in Estonia January 24’th-26’th 2020. I taught Kukishin-ryū Hanbōjutsu (video will be available soon).