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Kabutoshimen web site update

As you may have noticed I have been very busy updating all my/our web sites with new style and skins. Most of the sites is 100% XHTML validated, and should look the same on all browsers. They look best on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and iExporer (in that order!). Some of the sites that is updated is (in no particular order)…

Web sites (all is hand coded) (runs on Drupal) (runs on MagentoCommerce)

Blogs (all is WordPress MU with different skins)

todo (sites that need something) (maybe? low priority)

I need to do a Site map of all my/our web sites is necessary, to keep track of them all, anyone have any ideas? Please comment!

空間と間合 Space and distance

Yoroi in Honbu DojoWhen attacking with a straight punch for example you do not want to enter the opponents space square on. Because the defender can easily counter directly with a strike before you even get your hand out as a guard.

When moving in to his space you should already be in kamae to protect your kuukan. The body moves you forward and you extend the punching arm and hit the opponent.

You should hit through the target and not more. If you put your foot under or behind where uke was standing you are striking too deep. Maybe you unconciously do that because you know that he will step back. In reality you do not know that, so you should train there after.

One way of measuring the correct distance is to lean forward into the strike in a good “punching kamae.” Then bend the striking arm so that the elbow just touch the opponents chest. This is the “correct” distance.